Throughout the course of my life, I've always wanted to be a performer of some type. Painting, sculpting, sewing, music and even writing were things I tried my hand at, if only for a short time. 

The only thing which held my interest for any extended period was acting. Well, that and macrame, but I think that was more because I love the smell of jute rope. With all the other activities, they eventually began to feel like a chore. Pursuing them began to feel tedious and frustrating. That has never been the case with acting. Even when I'm exhausted, my throat on fire and shredded after a day of recording orcish death screams...I still feel excited and happy to go back for more.

There are very few games which I actually enjoy playing, myself. But I do enjoy watching them being played by others a great deal. I often liken it to the renaissance faire. When I first started going, everything was magical. Everywhere I turned, there was some new thing to experience. Sights, sounds, smells, textures and flavors...every sense was accounted for and thrilled. 

But when I started working there, I got to 'see behind the curtain'. I got to see how the magic was made and, in a sense, the magic died as a result. But a new magic was born from those ashes. The magic of making the magic happen for others.

That's where I live now. In the shadowy recesses behind the curtain, waiting for my moment to take my place upon the stage and fulfill a lifelong yearning to make some magic.


  • "From the first time I heard Trendane Sparks at work--producing the guttural, world-weary voice of Duncan Wu from Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun: Hong Kong video game, during a special voiceover event--I knew I was dealing with a pro's pro. Since that time Trendane has had the opportunity to show off his range and talent with multiple voices, from French chefs to fantastic creatures with wings and everything in between. And his narration work, including on the forthcoming audiobook of the TEGG-bestselling Grayshade novel, has been nothing short of spectacular. Trendane also has a tremendous work ethic to go along with his talent, without a massive ego to get in the way. Talented, professional, flexible, and caring: all of that sums up one of the best in the business, and one with whom I've been fortunate to be able to work. I can't recommend Trendane Sparks highly enough."

    Gregory A. Wilson
    Author of the graphic novel and audio drama Icarus and TEGG-bestselling novel Grayshade, and TwitchTV host
  • "Over a period of years, Tren has proven to be an incredibly talented, versatile, reliable and approachable voice talent. From guttural orcs to even-toned merchants, Tren's vocal and accent range are unparalleled - as is his ability to take direction and deliver natural, impactful delivery on a dime. Based on the (reams of) work he's done for us, I'd highly recommend him to anyone in need of a versatile character actor."

    Linton Ineson
    Voice Director, Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil
  • “Trendane Sparks has the kind of rich, warm baritone that lends itself well to narration, storytelling, and 'good-friend next door' commercial reads.

    But creating character voices for games, audiobooks and animation is where he is indispensable. His range and accents are excellent and I have cast him in almost every project that I have worked on.”

    George Ledoux
    Voice Director, Heroes of the Fallen (Mobile), Warlock 2 (PC)
  • “Tren is a total professional with an amazing emotional and character range. He was a joy to work with on our projects and I can't wait to cast him again!”

    Emily Amadhia King
    Producer, Kaze: Winds of Change
  • “Soul-stirringly deep with a tone of both gravel and warmth, Trendane's performance in Kaze created a complex character in just a few words. He has that rare fusion of delicate nuance at the microphone and a soul-stirring voice that demands the ear. Combined with a vocal range reaching from heroic to comicly villanous, he's easily one of the finest voice acting talents I've had the pleasure of working with.”

    J. Mateo Baker
    Audio Director, Kaze: Winds of Change


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